Global Data Protection Regulation...It's time.
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Michael Carr, JD, CISSP, CIPP, Director, Global IT Security & Compliance, Hillenbrand

For a couple of years now, I have read quite a few articles and have heard quite a few speakers refer to GDPR as the GLOBAL Data Protection Regulation. Those of us in the Information Security and Privacy profession know that the “G” in...

The Power of Technology for Non-Profit Organizations
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Gail Hyde, VP-IT & CIO, Habitat for Humanity International

At Habitat for Humanity International, technology plays a large role in our efforts to help people build strength, stability and independence through shelter and transform communities around the world. Any nonprofit international nonprofits in...

Five Phases of Cloud Security
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Over the past few years, the adoption of cloud computing in organizations has seen a meteoric rise, going from simple emailing platforms to elaborate HR services and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Furthermore, as IT provision is...

Need for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Teams
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Digital forensics is the branch of forensic science that deals with the collection and examination of digital evidence to identify why, when and how a criminal or hacking activity has occurred. Though the use of digital forensics in the corporate...

Dealing with Network Security Threats the Right Way
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In today’s expanding IT environment, collecting network usage data and deploying firewalls to monitor a network is hardly a standard procedure. Relying solely on endpoint monitoring can put insights on the network traffic and the overall...

Time to Think Differently
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Joseph DiBiase, Director Global Information Security, Interface

As with many of my CISO colleagues, our businesses have been moving (sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly) to the cloud. We see constant introduction of new SaaS applications and utilization of PaaS and IaaS services from Amazon,...

Creating a
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Thomas Skill, Associate Provost & CIO, University of Dayton

Let’s face it, cybersecurity isn’t going to get any easier in 2018. As long as there is a financial or geo-political incentive, the threats will keep coming and the level of exploit sophistication will keep rising. Winning this battle...

CIO Hall of Faces
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Tom Basiliere, CIO, Provant

Among the many kingdoms in the popular “Game of Thrones” series, there is a secluded island that is home to an ancient temple and a clan of assassins. In this temple, there is a special room called the Hall of Faces. Arya, one of the...

8 Cyber Security Improvements to Reach the Next Level of Maturity
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Michael Benz, VP Information Technology, Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s Twitter feed. Every week, we see troublesome news stories about the latest vulnerability, malicious hack, or data breach. Companies are looking to their CIO, with the expectation...

Artificial Intelligence-Journey towards the Center of the Enterprise
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Raman Mehta, SVP & CIO, Fabrinet [NYSE: FN]

Marc Andreessen had famously said software is eating the world. He probably had Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the back of his mind. In its simplistic form, AI enables a machine to perform human-like tasks, such as image, voice and text...

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Empower the CIO
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Gregory B Morrison, SVP & CIO, Cox Enterprises

Since the dawn of mainframe computing, CIOs have marshaled troves of data—gathering, using and protecting information to advance the company’s strategic objectives. As technology evolves, so do our methods. The widespread digitization...

Security Advantages of Software Defined Networking (SDN)
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Dr. Edward Amoroso, Member of the Board of Directors, M&T Bank

Perhaps the defining aspect of wide-area routing over Internet infrastructure has been decentralized control. Routers are manufactured to support protocols as stand-alone entities that accept, process, and route packets independently based on...

Augmenting Cybersecurity in Healthcare Industry
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Robert Napoli, CIO, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands

The levels of cybersecurity threats have significantly increased over the past decade posing significant challenges in the healthcare organizations. In order to tackle these security issues, most organizations invest a lot of time and money to...

Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Transforming Employee Error into Empowerment
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Rob Cataldo, VP of Enterprise Sales, Kaspersky Lab

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated in nature, the hackers behind these threats continue to leverage a simple, effective attack method to infiltrate computer networks–the evergreen human factor. A recent study found that uninformed or...

Network Security: Critical System Defense
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Thomas P. Gresham, CISO, Port of San Diego

Prior to the Internet, Information Technology (IT) networks were self-contained and relatively free from cyberattacks. Now it is commonplace to read about data breaches, website defacement and system outages. All business supported by IT...

The Great CIO Myth
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David Tamayo, CIO, DCS Corporation

Recently, after participating in a panel of so-called “experts” at the local chapter of the Society for Information Management, a young IT manager came afterwards to ask me, “How can I become a great defense industry CIO?”...

Implementing a Cyber-Security Program - The Journey of True Partnership with IT
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Maurice Edwards, Senior Vice-President Enterprise Risk, Mattress Firm

Over the past 7 years, Mattress Firm has been one of the hottest retailers in the world increasing their store count from over 750 stores to over 3,500 stores resulting from both organic growth and acquisitions. As is the case with many...

Rebuilding Your Information Security Program - From Scratch
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Larry Schwarberg, CISO, Omnicare

The Information Security field has continued to grow and develop as a part of the enterprise culture. Most existing Information Security programs were pieced together over time as security technologies became more advanced, threats evolved,...

The Future Belongs to the Informed
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Anthony J. Scriffignano, SVP-Worldwide Data

Anthony J. Scriffignano, SVP-Worldwide Data & Insight, Dun & Bradstreet Much like the cortex of the brain and frontal lobes associated with self-control, planning, reasoning and abstract thought, Big Data synthesis is central to the...

Is Your Corporation Suffering From 'Data Sprawl'?
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Francois Wolf, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3

Francois Wolf, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3 Information today moves at a breakneck speed and the amount of data produced worldwide every day is staggering. With each new device and system added to a network, a...