Why It's Time to Move SIEM to the Cloud
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Ben Schoenecker, Director of Information Security at Hendrick Automotive Group

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that there is a trend shift towards a broader range of sectors targeted by bad actors. It’s no longer just Financial, Healthcare, and SCADA as the big targets. Now, and more than...

How Do Healthcare CIOs Address IIoT Threats?
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IIoT has enormous potential to transform the healthcare industry, although it is surrounded by threats in different forms and has to be addressed adequately. Fremont, CA: The necessity to save human lives elevates beyond limits with the onset...

The Evolution of Cyber Attacks, Evolving with the Times
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Michele Turner, SME, Risk and Compliance Industry, Head of Corporate Business Continuity, Amazon

The world of Malware and Cyber threats has grown significantly since the early 90’s, when PC Cyborg, the first known ransomware attack occurred. With a disgruntled biologist, and 20,000 floppy disks, Healthcare organizations across 90...

Why Cybersecurity is Important in the Healthcare Sector
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Technology is a great way to move towards modernization, but for the technology to run correctly in the industry, healthcare has to come up with better security solutions, and it will help the doctors to fight against cyber threats. FREMONT, CA...

Mobility Landscape in Healthcare
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Steve Crocker, Chief Information Security Officer at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Security leaders are constantly challenged by threats from the growing use of mobile devices in the workforce. Nowhere is this more evident than in the healthcare industry. Healthcare has recently seen an explosion of technology innovation aimed...

Taking Healthcare Cybersecurity Beyond Basic Compliance
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It is imperative for healthcare organizations to move forward from the basic security compliance toward securing crucial data and vulnerable systems. FREMONT, CA: Compliance is a leading concern in the healthcare landscape. The data...

Cryptomining Supplants Ransomware as the Leading Cyber Threat in Healthcare
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Cryptomining malware not only utilizes vital system resources but also overheats the components and leads to system failures. FREMONT, CA – The rising popularity of cryptocurrency has spurred the proliferation of cryptocurrency...

Points to be Noted for Safeguarding Patient Data
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To protect data from security breaches, it is crucial to store data at proper places and with robust security. FREMONT, CA: Cybercrime has been felt very strongly where its impact is most acute. Every sector, including critical infrastructure,...

The Evolving Scope of Web Security in the Healthcare Space
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Iain Lumsden, GSLC, GCTI, GCED, Director of Information Security, Denver Health

We have seen a big change in how we connect to and leverage the internet in our daily lives from both a personal and business perspective. Through the development of technology, we have seen more and more devices now requiring internet...

New Technologies Assist Hospitals to Fight Cyberattacks
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The healthcare industry is leveraging new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and more to help their IT departments fight cyberattack like data breaches, phishing, and fake websites. FREMONT, CA:  Healthcare industry is...

Special Considerations for Electronic Visitor Management
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Myron Love, CHPA, CPP, PSP, PCI, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Today’s Physical Security environment is one of constant technological change as organizations large and small look to leverage technology towards the improvement of Customer Service, Life Safety, and the overall Client Experience. Physical...

Physical Security vs. Cybersecurity
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Randall Frietzsche, Enterprise Chief Information Security Officer, Denver Health

Physical security is just as important as cybersecurity. Physical security not only stands alone as critical for organizations, but it also plays an important role in cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, we use the CIA triad – Confidentiality,...

Improving Efficiency and Protecting Patient's Information by Automating the Identity and Access Management Process
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Ana Agostini, Administrative Director-Information Technology Services, Memorial Healthcare System

Credentialing employees and vendors to have access to the appropriate programs in a timely manner and protect access to these systems was imperative for Memorial Healthcare System, especially if some of these systems provided access to personal...

Cybersecurity solutions for BYOD trend in Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare IT environment has evolved over the years with the introduction of various emerging technologies. Technologies like the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) have grown significantly, which has made the healthcare IT environment more...

Fortifying Healthcare Facilities with 2FA
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FREMONT, CA: With an endless stream of hackers and cybercriminals around the globe finding new chinks in IT armor every day, and increasing numbers of digitized, sensitive information to plunder, it is essential for both individuals and businesses...

Predictions For Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two cutting-edge technologies that already have influenced the private and business sector and continue to do the same. It has become crucial for businesses to be up to date on cutting-edge...

Implementing Software-Defined Everything in the Data Center
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Jim Livingston, CTO, University of Utah Health

Healthcare organizations demand the highest level of data center security, performance and automation. In 2016, I realized that we had an aging infrastructure to support four hospitals and 10 community clinics. It was time to make a change, but I...

The Importance of Conforming to HIPAA for Healthcare Entities
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Randall Frietzsche, CISO, Denver Health

If you are a US-based healthcare entity, and you electronically bill for your services, you probably fall under HIPAA regulations. HIPAA requires encryption to protect patient data. This article will discuss the key points of this requirement....

Significance of Cloud Security in Businesses
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Cloud technology has been under scrutiny by both critics and experts. Cybercrime industry has hindered the adoption of the technology, but experts still believe that it is more secure than any other private communication and IT network linked to...

The Rising Demand for Standardization in Healthcare
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Marc Probst, CIO, Intermountain Healthcare

The acceleration of standards development in healthcare informatics adds value to both efficient healthcare delivery, as well as the national economy. Currently, there is a lack of proper data standards in the healthcare industry, as opposed to...