The World's First Peer-to-peer Equity and Debt Marketplace
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Chris Horlacher, President & CEO

The blockchain technology has become a key player in the cryptocurrency realm. Blockchain technology is a tamper-proof ledger, which has been used for digital transactions. The technology has a high prevalence in various industries including...

Predictive Trends for Blockchain Technology
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Blockchain technology has just gained popularity and has found its applications apart from cryptocurrency as well. Immutability, decentralization and cryptographic security are features that have made this technology cherishable among businesses...

The CIO's Role in Promoting Digital Transformation
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Thomas Knapp, CIO, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

All companies in every industry are challenged to define what digital transformation means for their enterprise, and how they will respond and develop strategies for adoption. In the mortgage industry where I operate, it is all about the...

Enhanced Payment Security and Customer Experience via PSD2
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The global standards for Fintech are based on the grounds of creating a trusted and safe space for transacting in a next generation ecommerce world. Till date, there haven’t been any adequate benchmarks for the minimum security controls,...

Enterprise Architecture and Culture: Two Parts of Digital Transformation Success
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Ethan Pack, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Applications, TDECU

“We really need a digital transformation strategy.” A version of that phrase can be heard coming from many boardrooms and executive teams around the world. Digital business is quite the buzzphrase these days and why shouldn’t it...

Fintech Enablement- How Emerging Technology Trends are Impacting the Banking CIO
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Bill Genovese, Principal, WGroup

  Blockchain, fintech, big data and IoT are just some of the buzzwords of new technology the Banking CIO has to sift through. How is this impacting the CIO and how can they take advantage of the new technol­ogy? Or, is this just a...