Protect Financial Institutions Strategically, from the Enterprise to the Individual
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Grant Gaines, Senior Director of Cybersecurity, First Tech Federal Credit Union

Financial institutions are targeted relentlessly by cyberwarfare. The threats are daunting, sometimes involving bad actors sponsored by other countries, and they arrive around the clock. The sophistication and seriousness of attacks evolve...

Security Perceptions the Biggest Threat to Cardholder Growth
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George Zirkel, SVP & Head of Global Payments Strategy, Transaction Network Services

In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, banks are looking to cardholder growth to cement long term profitability. George Zirkel, Head of Global Payments Strategy at Transaction Network Services (TNS), provides some valuable...

Can Encryption Ever Be Too Good? The Fight over Ultra-Secure Messaging
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David Popkin, Associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP

In light of recent high-profile cyber breaches, and a resulting public push for data privacy, organizations are coming under increasing pressure to protect the personal information of their employees and customers, as well as their...

Why It's Time to Move SIEM to the Cloud
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Ben Schoenecker, Director of Information Security at Hendrick Automotive Group

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that there is a trend shift towards a broader range of sectors targeted by bad actors. It’s no longer just Financial, Healthcare, and SCADA as the big targets. Now, and more than...

A High Risk Data Protection Strategy
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Randy Marchany, CISO, Virginia Tech

For years, security experts focused primarily on protecting their organization’s networks from malicious use. Sites like have documented successful attacks against all sectors of commerce, government and education. Only...

Not Your Father's Identity and Access Management
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Martin Ingram, Product Owner, Identity and Access management, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) [LON: RBS]

It used to be easy to define the boundaries of Identity and Access Management (IAM)–its purpose was to prevent anyone getting to anything that they weren’t supposed to. While that is still true it fails to recognize the world that is...

The Evolving Role of the CCPA Privacy Function: Who Runs Privacy?
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George Viegas, Privacy Champion and CISO, Chapman University

While there is a primary focus on emerging trends in privacy-related to Legal regulations, there is, at the same time, considerable changes and evolution happening on the organizational and staffing side of privacy. Historically, the privacy...

The Importance of HTTPS to your Website
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Jeff Stein, Staff Security Engineer at Edelman Financial Engines

Protecting a website requires an undivided focus not only on the web assets and code contained on a site but also the transmission of data traversing the internet itself. The importance of leveraging HTTPS as a part of a comprehensive web security...

Next Generation SIEM: Moving Beyond On- Prem Information and Event Management
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Steve Lodin, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Operations, Sallie Mae

Distributed Data Lakes The foundation for a successful autonomous SIEM, SOC, and Threat Hunting program is the availability of quality logs and sensor-enriched data. Regulatory requirements drive minimum log storage and SIEM ingestion...

Banking Sector Getting a Digital Makeover
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FREMONT, CA: The risk of being sidelined by stagnant technology in an ever-growing market is compelling every business to undertake digitization. To keep in pace with the evolving technology, the financial institution also needs to embrace digital...

API Revolution Enters Commercial Banking to Reshape Digital Finance
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FREMONT, CA: Financial services firms are embracing the value of Application Programming Interface(API) having understood that to better compete in the industry, they must curate their digital capabilities. Commercial banks in recent years have...

Breaking Through the Cybersecurity Myths
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FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity myths seem to be the biggest threat to the financial system. Financial services are spending a significant amount per employee on cybersecurity, more than double what the manufacturing industry spends. This doesn't...

Here's Why Finance Sector will Lead the Blockchain Adoption
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The finance sector is making strides in the adoption of blockchain technology. Ranging from supply chain to charity, healthcare to music, blockchain has left its mark on various industries. In spite of the existing and several emerging use...

The Future of Financial Fraud Detection Software
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Financial fraud has been a significant issue for financial services institutions as global transactions are increasing, the danger is too. What’s the solution then? Financial institutions must opt for a real-time automated system to detect...

Finding Ways to Successfully Implement Vulnerability Management
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Jeff Stein, Staff Security Engineer, Financial Engines

The importance of and need for a well-defined and properly implemented vulnerability management program continues to increase as the technology we utilize and the industry driving it changes. New arenas such as cloud computing and distributed...

Mitigating Financial Fraud Risks with these Simple Steps
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Financial operations face several challenges in every industry, such as the need for more customized service to consumers and demand of stakeholders, increased safety risks, and cost-effective management. Adapting new methods or technologies that...

Blockchain's Role in the Future of Financial Sector
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Blockchain has had an immense impact on the finance sector, and it’s too early to determine whether it has a good effect or not. Experts believe that blockchain will revolutionize the finance industry. Although the impact is significant,...

Emerging Technology Innovations to Enhance the Financial Industry
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In this limitless world of today, when enterprises cater to customers spread across the globe, the role of financial services becomes more noticeable. Technology has impacted the financial services landscape and has opened the door to bigger rooms...

Online Payments Predictions for 2025
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The payment technologies must focus on improving operational speed and safety, which reduces operating costs for consumers. Retailers can offer a unique in-store shopping experience that can help to increase the customer base by adopting simple...

Deriving Customers' Data without Invading Their Privacy
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Connected devices generate a huge amount of data that provide unique insights to drive a business’s products and services. This helps to generate new income streams for enterprises and is capable of selling, providing products, or...