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Drones are Coming to your Business
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Tom Basiliere, CIO, Provant Health

Humans have been using machines to perform difficult and dangerous tasks since the beginning of time. Machines controlled by hand evolved to machines that could be operated at a distance and, with the invention of flight and radio, machines that...

The New Era of Unmanned Aircrafts: Drones
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Chris Proudlove, SVP, Global Aerospace

As we enter 2018, the drone operating industry is settling into three categories, each trying to make their way through a set of rules that, although permissive for line-of-sight operations, limits what many companies hope to achieve with the...

Integrating Drones into the Most Complex Airspace in the World
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Sean S Torpey, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, FAA

Every day, more than 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo fly on 27,000 commercial flights within 5 million square miles of U.S. airspace. At any given time, roughly 7,000 pilots are airborne in aircrafts of different shapes and...