Kill the LAN!
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Nick Roethel, Director of Technology Services (CIO), Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The LAN in the traditional sense is dying. For years, network engineers, suppliers and manufacturers have focused on multilayered, complex networks capable of routing traffic through a tapestry of complex equipment. Now, users demand simple...

Guarding the Guards Themselves-The Truth Behind Security Devices
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Dennis Cox, Chief Product Officer, Ixia

We trust numerous security devices to protect our networks, and they have an exceedingly difficult job. The number of applications that now make up a network has hit ridiculously high numbers. Who knows what the latest cloud-based applications...

Why IT Security And SCADA/ Manufacturing Security Are Different
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Eric Byres, CTO , Tofino Security, A Belden Brand

The Times, They are A’changing Industrial SCADA, ICS and manufacturing systems once ran on proprietary networks, used proprietary equipment, and were isolated from business networks and the internet. Life was simpler for both the IT manager...