The Need for IoMT Asset Management
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Michael Sardaryzadeh, Information Security Officer, Texas A&M University

Often, I am asked what the most basic and important item in cybersecurity is; my answer is always asset management. Whether it’s understanding where an organization’s regulated data resides, what assets an organization has, or keeping...

Healthcare and its Vulnerability to Cyber Threat
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Isabel Fox, General Partner and Co-Founder, Luminous Ventures

As an investor, we are hugely excited by the succession of breakthrough technologies we see coming out of the healthcare space where start-ups are, undoubtedly, the future of such enterprise. But on top of the financial pressures of scaling up,...

Cryptomining Supplants Ransomware as the Leading Cyber Threat in Healthcare
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Cryptomining malware not only utilizes vital system resources but also overheats the components and leads to system failures. FREMONT, CA – The rising popularity of cryptocurrency has spurred the proliferation of cryptocurrency...

The Evolving Scope of Web Security in the Healthcare Space
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Iain Lumsden, GSLC, GCTI, GCED, Director of Information Security, Denver Health

We have seen a big change in how we connect to and leverage the internet in our daily lives from both a personal and business perspective. Through the development of technology, we have seen more and more devices now requiring internet...

Special Considerations for Electronic Visitor Management
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Myron Love, CHPA, CPP, PSP, PCI, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Today’s Physical Security environment is one of constant technological change as organizations large and small look to leverage technology towards the improvement of Customer Service, Life Safety, and the overall Client Experience. Physical...

Improving Efficiency and Protecting Patient's Information by Automating the Identity and Access Management Process
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Ana Agostini, Administrative Director-Information Technology Services, Memorial Healthcare System

Credentialing employees and vendors to have access to the appropriate programs in a timely manner and protect access to these systems was imperative for Memorial Healthcare System, especially if some of these systems provided access to personal...

Predictions For Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two cutting-edge technologies that already have influenced the private and business sector and continue to do the same. It has become crucial for businesses to be up to date on cutting-edge...

ShareSafe Solutions: Mobile Disruption in Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On
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Robert Hanson, CEO & Co-founder, John Beck, COO and Rick Schooler FACHE, LFCHIME, FHIMSS, CHCIO, MBA, Consultant & Board Member

ShareSafe’s platform, VORTEX, crochets through all systems across a physician’s workflow. The platform has a plug and uses multifactor authentication base. ShareSafe Solutions provide innovative, private cloud-based software—HIPAA...