Enhanced Payment Security and Customer Experience via PSD2
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The global standards for Fintech are based on the grounds of creating a trusted and safe space for transacting in a next generation ecommerce world. Till date, there haven’t been any adequate benchmarks for the minimum security controls,...

The Transformative Role of Software for Payments: Synergies, Opportunities and the Retail Experience
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Amy Zirkle, Vice President, Industry Affairs, Electronic Transactions Association

There are few industries yet untouched by the tidal wave of technological innovation. Where there is a product to be developed or a service to be delivered, technology is rapidly transforming its related workflows, supply chains, and...

Beyond the IoT Hype
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Gordon Feller, Director & Consultant, Cisco Systems and Founder for Meeting of the Minds. org, Executive Advisor & Moderator for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

Manufacturing plants are running at a much higher capacity utilization than ever before. Often, it is a 24-hour a day, seven days a week operation. With downtime costing plants up to US$20,000 a minute, they cannot afford disruption to their...

Retail Returns: A $440B Headache that Technology and Data Analytics Can Solve
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Eric Moriarty, Vice President at B-Stock Solutions

By the end of 2017 the value of retail returns will be equivalent to total online sales: around $440 billion. These skyrocketing return rates are due primarily to the growth of ecommerce and buyer expectations of no-hassle, cross-channel return...

Smart Phones Have Not So Smart Security
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Dan Ross, President & CEO, Promisec

Smartphones. They have spurred a global revolution in how we work, play, shop, and relate to one another. They fuel innovation and productivity in astonishing ways, reaching even the most distant and underdeveloped corners of the world. They have...

Identifying And Remediating IT Security Vulnerabilities
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Benjamin Caudill, CEO, Rhino Security Labs

Challenge of a CIO Information security concerns are one of the biggest issues of any CIO today. Fortune 500 firms are constantly in the news as the latest victims in hacking scandals, and we provide the security assessments which prevent...

TSC Advantage: Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Security
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Sean Doherty, Co-Founder & President

TSC Advantage provides services that support risk assessment, compliance, and information security needs of federal government and private sector organizations. Headquartered in Silver Spring, the company is an innovative leader in managed...