CloudVector- Beyond the Gateway: API Threat Protection
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Lebin Cheng, Founder and CTO, Ravi Khatod, Founder and CEO, Ravi Balupari, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering and Security

CloudVector, earlier called ArecaBay, is the world’s first API Detection & Response (API DR) platform to continuously Discover, Monitor, and Secure APIs and API Data. It goes beyond...

Remediant: Superior Access Control through Just-In-Time Privileged Access
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Paul Lanzi, Co-Founder and COO

Innovative, enterprise-class cybersecurity firm Remediant has developed SecureONE, a solution that helps companies detect, monitor, and manage the level of privileged access (PA) allotted to the...

RAiDiAM: Thriving in the Connected Economy through Digital Identity
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Barry O’Donohoe, Co-Founder & Partner

Raidiam provides seamless and secure customer-centric Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that harness open data and the power of digital identity to attract and retain customers and unlock new value chains as part of a...

JupiterOne: Total Visibility across Digital Environments
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Erkang Zheng, Founder and GM

JupiterOne is the data-first security platform that shortens the time needed to effectively manage a company's security operations, brings a greater intelligence to alerts to eliminate fatigue, streamlines achieving [and maintaining]...

Avatier: Transforming Identity Governance and Administration
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Nelson Cicchitto, Chairman & CEO

Offers “Identity Anywhere,” an integrated IAM platform built on the innovative notion of Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC)

Code Dx: Comprehensive Solutions to Secure Business Processes
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Ken Prole, CSSLP and Chief Technology Officer

Offers an application security solution to facilitate developers and security professionals to make their software as secure as possible

BreachLock: Delivering Next-Generation Security Testing
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Seemant Sehgal, CEO

Offers a SaaS-based platform that combines the benefits of human augmented and AI-powered automated scanning technologies to find and fix a cyber breach before it happens

Alert Logic: SIEMless Threat Management to Address Evolving Security Constraints
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Bob Lyons, CEO

Offers cutting-edge threat intelligence services for organizations, that effectively detects the anomaly parameters and generates 24/7 actionable incident report to mitigate security gaps

CyberArk: Laser-Focused on Privileged Accounts Security
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Udi Mokady, Founder, Chairman and CEO

CyberArk is a company that focuses on striking down cyber threats which find their way inside to attack the core of an enterprise and provide the necessary threat management solutions. They are dedicated to preventing and stopping an attack before...

Avatier Identity Anywhere: Redefining Identity Management with Docker
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Nelson Cicchitto, Chairman & CEO

Avatier Identity Anywhere is one of the leading developers of identity and access management tools. IdM costs skyrocket because of the custom workflow and programming. Avatier offers customizable solutions through configuration rather than opting...

Avid Secure: Intelligent Cloud Security Compliance and Monitoring
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Ganesh Krishnan, Co-Founder & CTO

Avid Secure is one of the leading artificial intelligence solution providers that provide companies with intelligent cloud infrastructure security solutions for GRC, DevSecOps, and security monitoring. Using the power of AI, the company delivers...

QbitLogic: Get on Top of your Cybersecurity Game with AI
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Benjamin Bales, Co-Founder & CTO

QbitLogic is a U.S. based artificial intelligence solution provider that builds multi-purpose tools and approaches which synergize the power of artificial intelligence and quantum computing to help humans create and protect software systems across...

Layered Insight: Container Native Application Protection
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Asif Awan, Founder & CTO

Layered Insight was the first enterprise security company to introduce the one-of-its-kind multidimensional and multi-layered visibility and control for containerized applications. Utilizing the first embedded security approach from the company,...

Provensec: Vulnerability Management Platform Built in the Cloud
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Russell Poffenroth, VP, Sales & Marketing

Provensec, a well-known vulnerability management solution provider, has become a leader in the safety and vulnerability assessment market. The security market in the enterprise traditionally focuses on alleviating elements of fear, uncertainty,...

Conjur: Trust Management in the Cloud and Container Era
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Elizabeth Lawler, CEO & Co-Founder

Conjur is a cloud security solution provider whose trust management platform helps organizations to stay safe by neutralizing risks as they move to and scale within the cloud. It defines, enforces, and audits identity and access for today’s...

How ITSM Can Save Business From Incurring Losses
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The lack of critical business systems in today's technology-dependent world can be a significant loss, which is now sufficiently fulfilled through ITSM. FREMONT, CA: IT service management (ITSM) involves the ability to perform, manage,...