Five Best Practices for DevOps Automation
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Open source libraries and frameworks play a crucial role in the DevOps environment that emphasizes the shorter development lifecycles, collaboration, and innovation. It’s important not to neglect the security of these open source...

How to Overcome the Three Obstructions in a DevOps Environment?
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Since the inception of DevOps, it has been addressed as one of the most debated subjects in IT circles. Some consider it a marketing fad, while others believe that it is here to transform the business sector. DevOps has evolved from a...

Strategies for an Effective Blockchain Implementation
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The security feature of blockchain is making it a lucrative technology for many industries and government organizations. The defense sectors in many countries are looking into the security challenges that come with adopting the...

DevOps Automation: the key to Managing Machine Identities
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Manual managing machine identities can lead to some specific cybersecurity problems. DevOps is perceived to be agile, and it defeats the purpose of agility when the work is manual. The time spent on manual management of machine identities can...

The ever-changing cybersecurity strategy - how to get it right?
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Nilesh Jain, Vice President of SEA and India, Trend Micro

The cybersecurity landscape is closely interwoven with the ever-changing tech landscape. Advancements in technology must be equally reflected in cybersecurity. With increased adoption of cloud technologies, IoT, and connected systems, just to name...

Cyber Attacks to Watch out for in 2019
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Cybersecurity witnessed a rapid multiplication of high-profile breaches and phishing attacks and in 2019 there may be the more of same.  The companies must secure their privileged accounts, eliminate excessive user privileges, prioritize...

AI and ML Influence on Cloud Security
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Big data management is one of the difficult tasks for any organization today. For this reason, organizations prefer to utilize cloud services to manage the massive amount of data. Cloud services enable organizations to store, share and manage...

Integrating Drones into the Most Complex Airspace in the World
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Sean S Torpey, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, FAA

Every day, more than 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo fly on 27,000 commercial flights within 5 million square miles of U.S. airspace. At any given time, roughly 7,000 pilots are airborne in aircrafts of different shapes and...

The Arising Need for Shift Left Security
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The growing culture in organizations to take an agile and DevOps approach to software application development is due to the ever-increasing dependency on software. In order to meet demands for a faster time to market, developers now play an active...

Enterprise Architecture success in the Digital Era
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Anthony Hill, Executive Director Business & Enterprise Architecture, Kaiser Permanente

Digital Drivers for EA The onset of the digital era in business is driving sweeping change and adaptation in organizations in all sectors. The next 10 years could be the most compressed and change-inducing in the history of business. The...

How Information and Communication Technology is Enhancing Businesses?
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Marcelo De Santis, Group Chief Information Officer, Pirelli

• Why is ICT Important for Pirelli? First, it’s important to understand our business strategy. Pirelli came back to the stock market in October 2017 as a pure consumer, high-value tire company specializing in the production of high...

Spring into Action! Growing Enterprise Architecture for Business Seasons
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Martha Tartal, EA, United States Patent and Trademark Office

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Leo Tolstoy The sight of cherry blossoms may signify more than an end to cold weather. Depending on your organization’s budget cycle, the season of IT planning may also be in bloom....

Digital Transformation and IT Leadership, Be the Change
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Mark Thiele, CIO and CSO, Apcera & Chairman, IDCA Technical Committee

If there was ever a time for strong leadership across all lines of business, especially the IT function, now is that time. Many futurists suggest that we’re likely to see more change in the next 10 years than we saw in the previous 300....

Cloud Costs Love-Hate Relationship Advice Using F1 Tech and Bulk Sugar
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Brent E, VP Technology Optimization, Ticketmaster

Interesting Cloud Cost article by CIO I have some advice that has been socialized with hundreds of folks and 100+ enterprises over the years. 8+ years and millions of unique workloads measured and optimized later, I am finding some analogies...

Edge Computing: Does it support customer intimacy and the race to digitization
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Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera and President & Founder, Data Center Pulse

Does Edge Computing Matter to Enterprise IT? Edge computing, like IoT, AI/ML, drones, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. is all the rage these days. What does edge computing matter to my enterprise though? We have public cloud, colocation, private...

Innovation through New Technologies
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Daniel Friel, CIO, International Securities Exchange Holdings Inc.

At ISE, we use cloud computing as an innovation platform to support our research and development efforts and explore opportunities before bringing them to market. Given the latency requirements around operating a financial marketplace, the cloud...

AI is the New UI-AI + UX + DesignOps
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Amit Bahree, Executive, Global Technology and Innovation, Avanade

Today you cannot read any technology or business article without some discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether explicit or implicit. We see AI integrating deeper in all elements of our life–be it at home with our families, or...

DevOps Is Helping Enterprises to Carry Out Business Processes in a Secure Environment
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Enterprises have started realizing that cloud, artificial intelligence and DevOps are not a threat to security but actually they are the best way to reduce risk. DevSecOps thus is all set to steal the markets. New-generation processes and...

Banking on Trust: The Role of Security
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Tom Watson, VP IT/Digital, Global CISO, Sealed Air Corporation

Corporate security has often been an afterthought in many industries. Although companies are quick to introduce new software applications, improve network architecture, and adopt cloud for storing data, security aspects of these technologies is...

Impact of Software Defined Transformation in the Enterprise
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Vesko Pehlivanov, VP, Cybersecurity, Group CTO, Credit Suisse

Software Defined Networking is dead, long live Software Defined Networking. Software Defined Networking (SDN) never had a clear role in the traditional enterprise. It came in the guise of Open Flow as a solution looking for a problem. And the...