Strategies for an Effective Blockchain Implementation
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The security feature of blockchain is making it a lucrative technology for many industries and government organizations. The defense sectors in many countries are looking into the security challenges that come with adopting the...

Upholding the Principle of Cyber-Awareness
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Gabor L. Varjas, Group Chief Information Security Officer, MOL Group

MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is active in over 30 countries with a dynamic international workforce of 25,000 people and a track record of more than 100 years in the...

How Will Innovation Impact the Practice of Cybersecurity?
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John Felker, Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

There is a plethora of new and exciting tools and innovation that can be used to support your cybersecurity efforts. Some, like moving to the cloud, will require a change in thinking and posture while others, such as AI, will potentially change...

How to Protect Your Business by Following The Ten P's of Security
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Michael Meyer, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), MRS BPO, LLC

How many times have you heard from your staff – buy this technology and all of our (and your) worries and problems go away? Maybe it sounded like this instead--this is the latest and greatest technology; we need it to solve every security...

Why Governors Are Your Cybersecurity Allies
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David Forscey, Senior Policy Analyst, Cybersecurity, Homeland Security & Technology, National Governors Association

This summer, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum announced a new partnership with a California cybersecurity company that donated $1.6 million to expand cybersecurity education at Bismarck State College. Public-private partnerships like this are...

Enterprise Security: What Does it Really Mean?
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Kevin Powers, Founding Director, Boston College

Whether you’re at a cybersecurity conference, participating in a webinar, or reading an article like this one, you are often bombarded with these catchy sayings regarding enterprise security: “It’s a team sport”;...

All about Google's Enhanced Cloud Security Tools
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Google’s announcement of a new set of tools and capabilities for its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) paired with the availability of several new products and features within was aimed at enhancing its cloud security environment. Security...

Cloud Management Platforms that are Spearheading Innovation
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Cloud management platforms are technologies utilized to operate and monitor data, services, and applications on the cloud. In determining the most efficient cloud management software, a number of features, such as flexibility, security,...

No More Snake Oil: Shifting the Information Security Mentality
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Jeremiah Grossman, Interim CEO, WhiteHat Security

When was the last time you made a major purchase without some type of guarantee? Whether that guarantee was for the quality of the product or the comfort of a return policy, chances are good you were probably more inclined to trust the vendor who...

Information Security is More than Information Technology
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Nick Coussoule, SVP & CIO, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Training. Education. Role play. More training. These are the key ingredients of a secure organization, because at its core, information security is about people. Generally they are the weakest link in the security chain, yet they are also the...

Redefining Cybersecurity with SIEM Practices
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A famous adage says, “the best defense is the good offense”. With the increasing number of attacks in the cyber landscape, organizations should not only focus on their outside barrier but also form an effective inside barrier. This can...

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Challenges, Implications, and Opportunities for Autonomous Systems in Aerospace and Defense
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Ravi Ravichandran, Ph.D., Director, BAE Systems Technology Solutions [LSE:BA]

Commercial applications of artificial intelligence and robotics have been developed with decades of investment and are mature technologies either fielded or on a path to be fielded for a variety of applications that include repetitive and precise...

Is Your Organization Ready For Drones?
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Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City Of Palo Alto

I used to look at drones from a distance. Not anymore. 15-year old Luke Bannister had a proud and exuberant smile on his face. He had just flown the flight of his life hurtling at stunning speeds and taking steep corners, avoiding...

The Arising Need for Shift Left Security
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The growing culture in organizations to take an agile and DevOps approach to software application development is due to the ever-increasing dependency on software. In order to meet demands for a faster time to market, developers now play an active...

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for Endpoint Security
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Endpoint security continues to be a key challenge for enterprises. Earlier, just installing antivirus across a network would provide a reasonable level of endpoint protection. But that isn’t sufficient today. With the availability of a wide...

Creating Multiple Hindrances for Cyber Attackers
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A dearth of stringent security mechanisms in the cloud can present low hanging fruits for the cyber attacker. Apart from moving applications and data to the cloud, organizations at this moment need to invest in security solutions to safeguard...

Dealing with Network Security Threats the Right Way
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In today’s expanding IT environment, collecting network usage data and deploying firewalls to monitor a network is hardly a standard procedure. Relying solely on endpoint monitoring can put insights on the network traffic and the overall...

The Rising Security Concerns of IoT Devices
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Over the last decade, we have witnessed the growth of IoT devices and connected technologies with smart homes, drones and autonomous bots reaching unprecedented numbers. As device manufacturers and IoT developers are striving to make everything...

Creating a
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Thomas Skill, Associate Provost & CIO, University of Dayton

Let’s face it, cybersecurity isn’t going to get any easier in 2018. As long as there is a financial or geo-political incentive, the threats will keep coming and the level of exploit sophistication will keep rising. Winning this battle...

Rethinking E-mail Security
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Karthik Devarajan, Director of IT, Maryland Legal Aid

E-mail is still the top choice for workplace communication in both big and small organizations, with an average office worker sending and receiving 121 e-mails per day (Smith, 2018). Therefore, it is not a surprise that e-mail remains the most...