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Better, Faster, Cheaper: How Data Governance is Transforming Healthcare
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Louis J. Capponi, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Informatics Officer & Interim CIO, SCL Health

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been late in adopting advances in technology, especially in the strategic management and deployment of data assets. Like many other industries, the business of healthcare is complex. It includes the...

Conquering Endpoint Security Challenges
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Brian Thomas, CIO, Swope Health Services

1) What do you see as a big challenge in technology to meet the challenges of your industry? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions do you look forward to and your expectations from technology providers for the enterprise? The...

Meeting Security And Compliance Requirements Throughout The Enterprise, Including BYOD management
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Lee Powe,CIO,Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations One of the major challenges is meeting security and compliance requirements throughout the enterprise, including BYOD management. Another major challenge is obtaining...

Clear Focus Areas Required For Information Security
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Jan Billiet, Director IS Security & Risk Management, Philip Morris International

"May you live in interesting times!" Today’s information security profession appears overburdened with the challenges brought by cloud computing, personal data protection,social networking, advanced persistent threats and all other...

Biometric Signature-ID: Advanced Biometrics for Foolproof Authentication
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Jeff Maynard, CEO, President, & Founder

Biometric Signature ID is a leading manufacturer of biometric ID verification software and multifactor authentication solutions provider. Its innovative BioSig-ID identity solution authenticates individuals with a unique password drawn using a...