The Race against Cybercrime: Five Fundamental Strategies to Get you to the Finish Line
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Destiny Bertucci, Head Geek™, SolarWinds

Singapore has seen tremendous progress in transforming its landscape and integrating with modern technology. The understanding that digital transformation is vital to growth—not to mention convenience and added efficiencies—is deeply...

The Future of Encryption in the Media and Broadcasting Industry
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Stephen Fridakis, Vice President, Media & Tech Ops, HBO

Broadcasters are using encryption to transmit programming to subscribers in a way that only those authorized can decrypt and view it. There are several applications for this kind of technology including secure distribution of copyrighted media...

Significance of Cloud Security in Businesses
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Cloud technology has been under scrutiny by both critics and experts. Cybercrime industry has hindered the adoption of the technology, but experts still believe that it is more secure than any other private communication and IT network linked to...

Artificial Intelligence Against Online Financial Fraud
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Nicolas Miailhe, Co-Founder & President, The Future Society

Cybercrime and online financial fraud increased sharply between 2016 and 2018, with a total loss exceeding $3 billion in 2016 for fake president frauds, wire transfer scams and fake suppliers alone. The number of attacks carried out by sending a...

ML and AI in Security Threat Reduction
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Cybercrime is not only jeopardizing the technology circle; it also is disturbs every individuals life. The WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 stands a proof for the above statement. With the increase in the volume of personal and business...

Cybersecurity Strategy - Do You Have One Yet?
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Dina Moskowitz, CEO and Founder, SaaSMAX Corp

Cybercrime is becoming an epidemic. In fact, we’ve entered into the age when every company, from enterprise down to home-based businesses, must wake up and address their vulnerability to Internet and mobile-based leakages, threats,...

IoT and Insurance Sector: Allies or Rivals
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Internet of things (IoT) is here to stay and is going to change the way we live, work, and do business. It is anticipated that all the devices, we use today such as mobile phones, home appliances, and many others are going to get connected to some...

Adapting to the Ever-changing Threat Landscape
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Brian Hussey, Global Director of SpiderLabs Incident Response & Readiness, Trustwave

Every security professional remembers the day they realized their job is not simply applying patches or plugging in a new security technology, but instead is a daily battle of wit with resilient, creative and adaptable adversaries. My moment...