Cyber Defense: A Team Sport
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Chris DeGuelle, Director, Louisiana Business EOC

“Logistics is too important to be left in the hands of logisticians!” That was the admonishment that I received from my commanding general in Afghanistan after informing him that my logistics officer would be handling all the...

The Critical Future of Identity and Access Management
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Joseph Carson, Head of Global Strategic Alliances, Thycotic

The traditional security perimeter is proving that it is no longer an effective cyber security control and fast growing technologies like Cloud, Mobile and Virtualization make the boundaries of an organization blurry. For many years organizations...

4 Cloud Computing Security Risks Every Enterprise CIO Must Know
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Utilizing cloud-based solutions is a trend that continues to grow over time. When information on cloud increases, the need to secure the data and information increases with it, the enterprises must know what risks they will face in the future,...

Identity and Access Management is the New Perimeter and Artificial Intelligence is the New Sentinel.
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Diane Joyce, Identity Management Consultant/Enterprise and Solution Architect/Information Architect, Matakite

Ten years ago, organisations were protected by the ‘fortress’, it was an era of locked down data centres and computing devices. Access to data and services required a person to have access to the right computing device, regardless of...

Cloud IAM Challenges that Demand Your Immediate Attention
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Brad Puckett, Global ProductDirector - Cybersecurity, Global Knowledge

Identity and access management (IAM) and credentialing are not onlyfundamentals of cybersecurity design, but also long-held necessitiesof networks and services. For decades,our digital lives have been inundatedby usernames, passwords, domain...

Securing Email- Still a Mess after Two Decades
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Nick Ioannou, Head of IT, Ratcliffe Groves Partnership

Email is the gateway to most businesses for both legitimate users and cyber criminals alike. As security was never factored into emails, we have had an uphill struggle in defending our businesses from email abuse. For over two decades the ongoing...

Card Readers at EV Charging Stations - An Easy Target for Cyber Fraud
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US states installing card readers at Electric Vehicle charging stations can make it the cyber criminals' next favorite. Fremont, CA: Several states in the United States of America are planning to install magnetic stripe credit card readers...

Top 3 Critical Strategies to Ensure a Cyber-secure Gaming Sector
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The gaming industry remains a lucrative option for hackers as it is extremely easy to exchange in-game items to receive profits. Besides, the financial status of gamers is an attractive aspect. Fremont, CA: An extensive study by Kaspersky and...

Major Security Lapse at Nasa: Inquiry Confirms High-end Hack Last Year
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A federal probe into the April 2018 high-end security breach on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has revealed shocking details which will certainly trigger enormous changes in the existing security measures at NASA. Fremont, CA: NASA, the...

3 Keys to Unlock Brand Protection with Domain Security Strategies
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The domain is more like a digital brand identifier. Introducing the brand to the global online audience, domains demand high security to fight vulnerabilities. Here is the key! FREMONT, CA: In the modern world full of competition,...

The Next Cybersecurity Trend to Watch: Protecting in the Darkness
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Oren Yunger, VC, GGV Capital

One of the common misconceptions about cybersecurity is that serious incidents always involve highly innovative and sophisticated technologies never seen or heard of before. In reality, most attacks do not look like Stuxnet. Instead security...

Mind the Skills Gap: Attracting and Training the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals
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Paige Adams, Group CISO, Zurich Insurance Group

By 2019 there will be an estimated shortage of 2 million cyber security experts according to ISACA. Cybersecurity Ventures found that by 2021 that number could grow to 3.5 million. • At the same time, cyber security risks are growing...

Symantec's Growth Strategy for its Next Phase of Industry Leadership
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Since the past couple of decades, there has been a substantial shift in the threat landscape from attackers who seek attention to organized cyber criminals staging crippling attacks. Advanced attacks and poor in-house security expertise have...

The value of breach response services in cyber covers
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Joel Pridmore, Head of Financial Lines and Business Development, Asia Pacific at Munich Re Syndicate

Would you know what to do in the event your organization suffered a data breach? While many CIO’s, CISO’s and even CRO’s may think they have the tools and expertise to handle what is today’s most serious threat to any...

Search & Destroy: The Importance of Cyber Threat Sharing in Defeating Cybercrime
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Gregory Crabb, CISO, VP, United States Postal Service

The American criminal justice system is most ef­fective when citizens work in partnership with law en­forcement organizations, reporting crimes and sus­picious activity in a timely manner. When a burglar crashes through a window and...

Rethinking E-mail Security
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Karthik Devarajan, Director of IT, Maryland Legal Aid

E-mail is still the top choice for workplace communication in both big and small organizations, with an average office worker sending and receiving 121 e-mails per day (Smith, 2018). Therefore, it is not a surprise that e-mail remains the most...

The Need for a Risk-free Artificial Intelligence
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Jeb Linton, Chief Security Architect and Head of Cognitive Security, IBM

AI Security Today There has been much discussion in recent years of the dangers of future Artificial Intelligence (AI), from such luminaries as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Organizations such as MIRI and FLI are doing important work on future...

Cybersecurity Strategy - Do You Have One Yet?
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Dina Moskowitz, CEO and Founder, SaaSMAX Corp

Cybercrime is becoming an epidemic. In fact, we’ve entered into the age when every company, from enterprise down to home-based businesses, must wake up and address their vulnerability to Internet and mobile-based leakages, threats,...

Today's Threat Landscape Requires Adaptive Security
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Dan Joe Barry, VP Positioning and Chief Evangelist, Napatech

The FBI estimated that cyber criminals grossed $1 billion last year from ransomware. They stand to gross considerably more as new ransomware variants emerge that enable the malware to spread more quickly and without any help from humans....

Seven security priorities for 2017
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Jeff Harris, VP of security solutions, Ixia

The enterprise IT security landscape changed dramatically during 2016. Expansion into more clouds, the addition of industrial IoT, and marked increases in virtual deployments resulted in more devices, more locations, and more environments for...