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Cloud Security: The Challenges
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The soaring popularity of the cloud has resulted in steady adoption rates, which can be primarily attributed to no more hardware costs, long software release cycles, or the hassles of managing multiple physical data centers. As the benefits of...

Secure Access with Cloud Cryptography
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As numerous organizations are looking to seize benefits of the cloud, data security remains a top concern. Conversely, effective data protection and strong encryption in the cloud is achievable through a number of cloud solutions. Cryptography...

Five Predictions that can change the phase of cyber security in 2018
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Cyber security is a topic that is increasingly receiving an awful lot of attention. Especially since the world we live in has companies storing their data in the cloud and depends on networking systems. Generally, when talking about the latest...

Why Security Pros Need to Embrace the Cloud
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Jeffrey W. Brown, Chief Security and Information Risk Officer, BNY Mellon

Technology futurists predict that your entire data center could wind up in the cloud. This isn’t a distant vision or far off future state, either. In fact, some big companies, like Netflix, are already there. Gartner claims that by 2020, a...

Cloud Security Grows Up
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Kevin Winter, VP & CIO and Brian Javonillo, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Many companies today have established minimum levels of security requirements for their IT environments. CIOs are realizing, though, that those security models don’t translate when IT capabilities move to the Cloud. "Compliance...

Cryptyk: Redefining Cloud Storage and Security
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Adam Weigold, CEO

Cryptyk provides decentralized cloud security and storage with protection from operational, external, viral, internal, and surveillance threats, becoming one of the first enterprise security startups. The unique cloud technology of Cryptyk assumes...