Android in Enterprise BYOD
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Enterprises today are increasingly embracing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by leveraging mobile devices like Microsoft Surface Pro and iOS enabled gadgets to access data anywhere, anytime, allowing employees to work flexibly. However,...

Outcomes Rising from the IT Roadmap Leveraging Microsoft Azure
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Chad Leverenz, Vice President, Information Technology, Mercy Housing

What does your roadmap entail? What outcomes are you targeting? The following are outcomes for the typical IT roadmap utilizing Microsoft Azure enterprise cloud computing: The demise of LANs and corporate client VPNs Local Area...

How to Curb Security Threats
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Jason Worley, CIO, Adeptus Health's First Choice Emergency Room

Cyber-security Threats in a High-growth Environment Due to our high-growth healthcare environment, we face pronounced cyber-security challenges. We have grown from about 500 users to over 5,000 users in less than 36 months. During that process,...

Cyber Security and your Board
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Jamie Cutler, CIO, QEP Resources

Boards of Directors are worried. In the last year the landscape for technology in a board meeting has gone from discussions around system implementations and data management to preventing the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in a...

Crossmatch: Multifactor Authentication Masterminds
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Jeff Carpenter, Director of Identity Solutions

Crossmatch’s security factors provide the best set of multifactor authentication solutions that cater to today’s certain risk requirements. For millions of users around the world, Crossmatch solutions solve security and identity management...