Digital Transformation and IT Leadership, Be the Change
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Mark Thiele, CIO and CSO, Apcera & Chairman, IDCA Technical Committee

If there was ever a time for strong leadership across all lines of business, especially the IT function, now is that time. Many futurists suggest that we’re likely to see more change in the next 10 years than we saw in the previous 300....

5 Challenges Facing Start-Ups in 2018
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Ronen Nir, General Partner at Viola Ventures

We’ve seen the lists of the biggest successes of 2017 and the best opportunities for 2018, but what publications tend to leave out is the equally important view of the biggest challenges. As any startup CEO or entrepreneur in the tech space...

Blockchain Technology Is Here To Stay
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The distributed ledger technology also known as blockchain technology is currently considered as one of the biggest game changers in the market today. The brainchild of a person or group known by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, is said to have...

Blockchain Technology: The next great infrastructure for commerce, the community and the world
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Andrea Tinianow, Director, Global Delaware

Over the last several years, blockchain’s reputation has done a 180. Once linked (negatively) with bitcoin, the technology is now mainstream as leaders in every sector scramble to understand the technology and explore how it can best be...

The Age of Cyber-Cloud Networking
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law. Brian Solis best described this shift as Digital...

Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Transforming Employee Error into Empowerment
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Rob Cataldo, VP of Enterprise Sales, Kaspersky Lab

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated in nature, the hackers behind these threats continue to leverage a simple, effective attack method to infiltrate computer networks–the evergreen human factor. A recent study found that uninformed or...

Combating Organizational Financial Risks
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Cris Luce, CMO/CTO, Accuro AgriServices

The modern world is defined, in large part, by electronic communication and the massive storage and exchange of digital information. While the Internet and other systems allow companies to operate on a global basis and enable geographically...

Why More Cybersecurity Tools Aren't Always the Solution: Focusing Your Organization's Cyber Risk Conversation
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Richard Moore III, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Bottom line; we have become over dependent on utilizing cybersecurity tools to mitigate risk instead of making risk based decisions. Over the last several decades, organizations have been implementing technologies that have either automated...

How Automation Impacts the Future of Radiology?
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Shannon Werb, CIO & COO, vRad (Virtual Radiologic)

Despite the fact technology has touched every enterprise we come across of our life and has tried to change the traditional ways of doing businesses. But still, there are issues unique to imaging that keep me up at night as the CIO of the...

Top three Lessons for the Modern CIO
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Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits

People often ask, “What exactly is the role of the Modern CIO?” What used to be a role solely focused on IT infrastructure has completely transformed into a dynamic business leader responsible for connecting technology to revenue...

The Art of Cybersecurity
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Ken Barnhart, Founder & CEO, The Occam Group, Ltd

Fredrick the Great once told his Generals, “That to defend everything is to defend nothing.”  There is no disputing that IT security and Risk Management professionals face an escalating and diversifying threat, but nobody has the...

Protecting Legacy and Next-Gen Networks
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Brad Boston, President & CEO, NetNumber

As the former CIO at Cisco, security was one of those concerns that kept me awake at night— specifically, protecting our infrastructure and intellectual property, and ensuring we protected the information of our employees, customers, and...

Snapchat's Lesson Learned: Avoid Falling for Phishing Attack
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Salo Fajer, CTO, Digital Guardian

February saw Snapchat fall victim to one of the most popular popular cyber scams—phishing attacks. In the incident, Snapchat’s payroll department was targeted by an isolated email scam in which a hacker...

Deploying Apps in AWS? Keeps These Security Risks in Mind
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Haseeb Budhani, CEO, Soha Systems, Inc

Deploying applications in a public cloud environment can be an extremely liberating experience for applications teams. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public cloud providers are a panacea to the mind-numbing procedures and policies that...

Why CIOs are Embracing Enterprise Risk Management to Improve Cybersecurity
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David Burg, Global & U.S. Advisory Cyber Security Leader, PwC

Businesses across sectors and around the world have reached a tipping point on cybersecurity. As risks continue to escalate, it’s becoming clear that existing approaches simply are not working. In The Global State of Information Security...

Cyber Security and your Board
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Jamie Cutler, CIO, QEP Resources

Boards of Directors are worried. In the last year the landscape for technology in a board meeting has gone from discussions around system implementations and data management to preventing the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in a...

Cloud Adoption A Road for Digital Business Growth
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Joan Pepin, VP of Security, CISO, Sumo Logic

Dangers of Security Intrusions  I believe the most important foundational thing CISOs and security professionals can do is to understand the expectations of the CEO, board, executive   staff and peers or employees. These expectations...

Company's Security: The Highest Priority
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Elizabeth Hackenson, SVP & CIO, AES Corporation

Accessing data for better decision making One challenge currently is the inability to easily access enterprise data in a very simple way that provides information to make better decisions. While there  are solutions currently in the market...

Simplicity-The Virtue Of Future Security Solutions
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Barmak Meftah, President and CEO, AlienVault

What significant changes did the enterprise security industry witness in 2013? What did these changes mean to vendors and customers? We saw our industry mature on two fronts:  First, it is becoming apparent to customers, analysts and...

Creating a Culture of Security
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Lyle Hardy, Global CIO, Teleperformance

The ongoing security breaches that continue to plague retailers, government websites, and online enterprises convey the impression that stopping unauthorized access to sensitive electronic details is a near impossible task. "The reality is...