How APAC Organizations Develop a Robust Approach to Regulatory Compliance
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As APAC firms face a new regulatory era, compliance teams have a pivotal role to play. The job involves protecting the firms’ interests and helping to drive long-term competitive advantage. FREMONT, CA: Today, most Asia‑Pacific (APAC)...

Refining Security in Data Center Facilities
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Data center facilities are always on their toes when it comes to security. Fundamental physical measures are indispensable. FREMONT, CA: A data center handles a lot of sensitive information. High standards of security are a must for these...

Tripwire Connect: A New Security Configuration Management for Business Intelligence
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Understanding security risks is an essential and foremost step to adhere, for the enterprise-wide security and compliance risk management system. In today’s time, this task is increasingly difficult and intricate. Tripwire Connect, a...

Using Digital Forensics for Investigations: A Question of Trust
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Today, digital technology has been used to secure convictions and prove innocence. The world market of digital forensics has segmented the regions of South America, North America Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Research Report Insights (RRI), the...

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA): Intelligent End-to-End Forensics and eDiscovery Solutions
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Jason Park, VP of Digital Forensic Services

With over a decade of experience in the successful management of data in lawsuits, regulatory issues, and investigations by companies, government agencies and law firms, Business Intelligence Associates (BIA) is the leader in the legal information...