Top 2 Methods to Halt Cyberattacks in IT
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Some primary measures can save IT platforms from severe consequences and protect business reputation. FREMONT, CA: Cyberattacks hit businesses every day. While some companies realize that they have been attacked, some do not know how they have...

What is the Need to Build An Effective Document Security Program?
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Organizations should protect them from document breaches to retain their customers’ loyalty and to protect them from risk. Fremont, CA: In this modern world, it is no wonder that all the industries rely on gigabytes of information such...

Defining SQL Injection and Risk to your Organization
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Monya Demirjian, Corporate Director of Fraud, MGM Resorts International

How much does the public know about SQL and what it stands for, let alone how attackers are using this programing language to inject into a company’s database in order to take your personal information? The misconceptions are vast, but the...

Security in the Connected World
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Dan Bowden, Digital Transformation and the Chief Information Security Officer at Sentara Healthcare

Hey you, CISO. Do you know your organization’s business? I mean at the level of knowing the financial numbers, the balance sheet, drivers of revenue and expenses, efficiency ratio. Do you know your company’s market share vs....

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Eliminating Accounting Frauds
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Technological advances are the reason behind the increase in the accountability and transparency of public financing to reduce corruption. An example could be the rise of cryptocurrencies that have gained prominence and have seized the...

A Security Breach that Victimized 100 Million Users: Here's what to know
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Many online users have been receiving emails from popular social media and e-commerce giants. Recently, Amazon customers have received a mail regarding their technical error which leads to the disclosure of customer details, including their names,...

You Want to Do What With your Data?
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Andrew Sohn, SVP - Global Digital and Analytics Srvcs, Crawford & Company

Any business that’s over a few months old has a lot of data. Businesses that are several years old have tons of data. Large, established businesses and digital native companies are drowning in data, and are having a hard time just figuring...

Tactical Decisions in Fighting Cyberattacks must be based on a Security Framework
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Mike Benjamin, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence, CenturyLink

Security 101: Know Thyself Anyone looking for a sign to show the cybersecurity tide is turning, that the industry is starting to gain back the upper hand from cybercriminals, is going to have to wait abit longer. In the first few months of...

Biometric Authentication to Mitigate Payment Fraud
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One of the main challenges faced by the payment card industry is fighting frauds. Payment card fraud has been a major issue for an extended period of time, and the steps currently taken to stop it are not effective enough. A report by Financial...

Data Breach - Why is it Harmful and How Can it be Avoided
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The cybersecurity breach survey has reported that in 2017, 46 percent of all UK businesses had at least reported one cybersecurity breach or attack. The figure has increased exponentially from 2016 when only 24 percent of the businesses reported...

Manufacturing Inequality
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Oliver Perez, Ph.D, Director, Manufacturing Process Technology, BD

How do you make an economy and one of its most important drivers i.e. manufacturing, work for everybody in this globalized technological world when the transformation of raw materials into useful, appealing finish goods is constantly reinvented...

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Security Basics
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Bill Podborny, CISO, Alliant Credit Union

Cyber security incidents have almost become a daily news event. Between the increase in incidents and the pressure from executive management and boards to protect organizations, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding the...

Five Enterprise IT Security Stats That May Surprise You
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Mark Birmingham, Director, Global Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab

Every day, Kaspersky Lab talks to IT managers and C-level executives about the state of their business security. Our conversations have a lot of the same recurring security themes, but just like the businesses themselves, no two stories are ever...

Scaling Your Application Security Program
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Chris Wysopal, Co-Founder, CTO & CISO, Veracode

We now live in a world where software applications are omnipresent. The world’s largest enterprises are increasingly finding themselves in the software business. It doesn’t matter what their end products are, they are building Web...