Identity X.0
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Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer, Telefónica

Identity is intrinsic for humanity because of our need to differentiate ourselves from those with whom we relate. Nature helps us in this purpose as it provides different physical traits to the millions of people that allow us in achieving this...

5 Cybersecurity Predictions Every CIO Should Know
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Unlocking the security to safeguard the cyberspace with advanced cybersecurity technology that helps the businesses to protect their applications and data from malware and cybercriminals. FREMONT, CA: The number of information technology...

Cyberspace Governance and Its Intricacies
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FREMONT, CA: The rapid expansion and inclusive function of information and communication technology have fashioned and expanded the domain of cybersecurity. Cyberspace governance, connected with AI, promotes social efficiency and economic...

Cybersecurity's New Dynamic Scenario
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FREMONT, CA: Rogue hackers and cybercriminals are still out there, but nation-state actors and hacktivists move toward the business of cyber attacks with a much more expert mindset than seen in the past. When it comes to the legality of, say, an...

Ensuring Secure Banking with High-Tech Solutions
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FREMONT, CA: In the banking industry, data plays a very vital role. AI-based bots are powering almost every data-related operation. This in-return helps in enhancing operational capability and decreases risks. The impact of data is adequately...

Challenges for the Security of Big Data Analytics
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Organizations have various channels through which they generate, communicate and share data. Analysis of this data helps companies to gather insights about their business processes and applications, enabling them to make informed decisions....

Trade-Off Could be Privacy and Data Security in Case of Insurtech
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The world is now creating vast amounts of data, within recent times exponential growth in data generation. Much of this latest data is being documented in novel ways, and technology advances mean that it can be stored and analyzed much faster than...

Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Bolster Cybersecurity
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Today, technology is the driving force in business growth strategies. Enterprises also rely on digital medium to perform their day-to-day operations. However, with increased dependence on digital solutions, cybersecurity takes center stage in...

Artificial Intelligence in the Biopharma and Healthcare Sector
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Ronald Dorenbos, Associate Director Materials & Innovation, Takeda

Although the financial sector, the automotive industry and the marketing and retail branch are taking the lead in implementing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, today there is hardly any field that is...

Technologies Aiding Artificial Intelligence Revolution
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed almost all industries. Organizations looking forward to enhancing their operations must incorporate AI in their business process. Apart from analyzing and exploring the key technologies that spur the...

How Blockchain will Shape the Future of Businesses
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The blockchain is the key solution for enterprises that require seamless transactions and transparent and secure record keeping, and due to this, organizations are moving towards the blockchain adoption. Apart from knowing the technical...

Data is the Lifeline of Today's Businesses; But Why Are So Many Business Leaders Still Making Guesswork?
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Eric Thain, General Manager, HK Express

There is no doubt on the importance of data in today’s businesses. The C-Suite recognizes the need to focus on data and in fact, data and analytics ranks the highest of the top five investment priorities for CEOs today (according to the...

Innovate business models with SophiaTX: a revolutionary enterprise blockchain platform pushing adoption in the ASEAN
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KUALA LUMPUR – A successful enterprise blockchain event dubbed BUSINESS REDEFINED 2018 was held on September 25 at Suntec City, Singapore and September 27 at Connexion, Malaysia, representing the first step in building an ecosystem...

Data is King! But are you treating it as one?
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Madhu Maganti, Director-IT Assurance & Security Services, Doeren Mayhew

Evolution of Data Everyone and their big brother (no pun intended) is talking about data and more specifically, Big Data. Big Data is a technology buzzword that describes the current ecosystem in which there is significantly more data, and...

Edge Computing: Does it support customer intimacy and the race to digitization
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Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera and President & Founder, Data Center Pulse

Does Edge Computing Matter to Enterprise IT? Edge computing, like IoT, AI/ML, drones, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. is all the rage these days. What does edge computing matter to my enterprise though? We have public cloud, colocation, private...

Exploring the Capability of Blockchain and Big Data Collaboration
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Blockchain seems to be the buzzword around all thing technology and to endorse this modern technology even big data is embracing its decentralized feature. Companies are scrambling to assimilate the utilization of big data in their day-to-day...

Benefits of Merging AI with Blockchain
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Big Data giants are accumulating huge chunks of data currently, wherein consumer data is being collected into the data pool. Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are enabling the big players to take control of the situation, owing to their...

Make Manufacturing Cool Again
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Oliver Perez, EMI Manufacturing Technology Director, BD

Moving out of the Industrial Revolution, the mental image of Manufacturing was a cluttered shop floor with large machines and people in greasy overalls working around them. The machine production replaced craftsmanship and large factories were...

The Cloud- First Approach
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Arjun Chopra, Partner, Floodgate

Could you give me an overview of the types of opportunities you pursue as a Partner at Floodgate? I believe that the public cloud represents a generational platform shift that has delivered not only the fastest growing enterprise software...

Artificial Intelligence-Journey towards the Center of the Enterprise
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Raman Mehta, SVP & CIO, Fabrinet [NYSE: FN]

Marc Andreessen had famously said software is eating the world. He probably had Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the back of his mind. In its simplistic form, AI enables a machine to perform human-like tasks, such as image, voice and text...