Hybrid Workspace: A Boon or Bane?
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Greg Becker, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Bank

Most organizations have been adopting cloud-based architectures such as Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) to upgrade their workplace learning and development programs. That is owed to the cloud environment’s ability to foster communication and...

Understanding the Risks of IoT
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David Barker, Director of Digital Product Security, Stanley Black & Decker

With the introduction of every technology wave comes a new attack surface that potentially exposes company data and certainly increases risk. Mobile devices were one of those waves and through mobile device management software, some level of...

6 Must-Know Multi-Cloud Strategy Benefits for CIOs to Accelerate their Business Journey
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Many businesses are adopting multi-cloud strategies with full steam. As technology continues to advance, it has become mandatory to adopt cloud strategies for their growth and development. Multicloud strategies help businesses to achieve their...

Cybersecurity Challenges to Enhance Web Security for Enterprises
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Billy Spears, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, loanDepot

Wowza! Another massive data breach affecting more than 100 million people across the United States due to an improperly configured Web Application Firewall (WAF). The exposed data contained information submitted by the customers and small...

Cloud Security - Much More than Active Directory
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Keith Engelbert, Chief Technology Officer, Student Transportation of America

Traditionally, enterprise IT professionals have relied heavily on Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) Domain Services as the baseline for building out permissions and access to network resources for the past twenty years. With the success of...

Security in the Cloud Requires a New Way of Thinking
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Dan Constantino, Director, Security Operations, Cox Automotive

Remember when it was the Security team’s job to implement policies, procedures, and controls that an organization “must” follow to ensure they were “secure”? The typical Security team approved tickets for firewall...

Next Generation SIEM: Moving Beyond On- Prem Information and Event Management
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Steve Lodin, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Operations, Sallie Mae

Distributed Data Lakes The foundation for a successful autonomous SIEM, SOC, and Threat Hunting program is the availability of quality logs and sensor-enriched data. Regulatory requirements drive minimum log storage and SIEM ingestion...

Centralization of Multi-Cloud Security
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FREMONT, CA – Centralization has emerged as a primary factor to be considered when adopting a multi-cloud security strategy. It can alleviate the flaws in fragmented security access and monitor controls. Piecemeal solutions can prove...

The Next Cybersecurity Trend to Watch: Protecting in the Darkness
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Oren Yunger, VC, GGV Capital

One of the common misconceptions about cybersecurity is that serious incidents always involve highly innovative and sophisticated technologies never seen or heard of before. In reality, most attacks do not look like Stuxnet. Instead security...

The World of Cybersecurity - An Investor's Eye View
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Daniel Gomez, Investor, Fusion Fund

1) What sort of opportunities does Fusion Fund target? Fusion Fund is an early stage venture firm based in Palo Alto, CA that invests in companies that monetize core technical advantages in their business model. We leverage our team’s...

Developing a Robust Cloud Security Strategy
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Deployment to the cloud without a proper plan or a strategy could generate worse gaps in an organization’s defense that didn’t occur previously. Moving ahead to threat management, the success of cloud deployment relies on coordinated...

Cloud Services: End to End Encryption in the Retail Industry
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In the current business world, everything is being transformed at rocket speed and so the requirements and the necessities of the enterprises which are trying their best to keep pace with this real change and to be a part of it. A rapid and...

Elastic Safety: The New Security for Companies against Security Threats
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The recent breach of Marriott– just after the Equifax incident– shows that traditional security approaches do not work. Why do gaps occur year after year? The reason is simple (although there's no solution). Because IT...

Cost Effectiveness and Security with Serverless Computing
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Corporations widely prefer serverless computing because of its versatile functions. Serverless computing doesn’t follow the conventional method of IaaS; instead, the client would pay only for the utilized functions. From developers and...

A Company Needs Both Cloud Services and the Security Team
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Companies are adopting cloud computing at a faster rate. However, while choosing the best available cloud service, companies ignore their security needs thinking cloud is enough to stop hackers and miscreants. A company might notice a substantial...

Cloud Security Risk Assessment
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Multi-cloud is the next trend, and DevOps engineers must be knowledgeable in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Cloud computing delivers excellent security, but it has issues. It is unclear how sensitive data is being protected in...

Procedures to Secure the API of a Serverless Application
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Serverless computing is trending among developers. It has empowered mid-level software developers to build large applications, which requires the help of senior-level architects. It also provides a high level of flexibility in scaling for the...

Reliability and vulnerabilities of Cloud Security to watch in 2019
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Several enterprises opt to move to the cloud because of numerous potential benefits like elasticity, Pay per use, migration flexibility, and workload resilience. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other providers have joined AWS in...

Cloud-Integrated DevOps: An Innovative Approach for Software Delivery
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Technology trends are on a constant upward trend as enterprises are always looking to make their services and applications innovative and efficient. Almost all the technology companies have incorporated DevOps technique for software or application...

Amazon Comes Up With A New OS
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Amazon announced a couple of new features and products on the IoT technology. They have come up with a new operating system for IoT devices and have named it to be Amazon FreeRTOS. This operating system is designed for devices which has only MCU...