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Scope of Artificial intelligence in Cyber Security
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Security is a key component for all organizations around the world and has its various types. Cybersecurity is one of the essential security, organizations invest hefty to secure their data and terminate security breaches. Not just private,...

Building an AI-First Organization for the Future of Online Marketplaces
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Lucas Ngoo, Co-Founder and CTO, Carousell

Artificial Intelligence has been a game changer for the business world, as new breakthroughs allow companies to unlock more and more value from their data. One such breakthrough, deep learning, has revolutionized AI across several domains, ranging...

Innovate business models with SophiaTX: a revolutionary enterprise blockchain platform pushing adoption in the ASEAN
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KUALA LUMPUR – A successful enterprise blockchain event dubbed BUSINESS REDEFINED 2018 was held on September 25 at Suntec City, Singapore and September 27 at Connexion, Malaysia, representing the first step in building an ecosystem...

Three Innovative Cybersecurity Technologies of 2018
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The ongoing war between security experts and cyber actors have become a cat and mouse game. This era of digital transformation is affecting the cybersecurity, and therefore this ever-changing industry has to be more responsible regarding the cyber...

Artificial Intelligence Against Online Financial Fraud
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Nicolas Miailhe, Co-Founder & President, The Future Society

Cybercrime and online financial fraud increased sharply between 2016 and 2018, with a total loss exceeding $3 billion in 2016 for fake president frauds, wire transfer scams and fake suppliers alone. The number of attacks carried out by sending a...

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for Endpoint Security
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Endpoint security continues to be a key challenge for enterprises. Earlier, just installing antivirus across a network would provide a reasonable level of endpoint protection. But that isn’t sufficient today. With the availability of a wide...

How Information and Communication Technology is Enhancing Businesses?
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Marcelo De Santis, Group Chief Information Officer, Pirelli

• Why is ICT Important for Pirelli? First, it’s important to understand our business strategy. Pirelli came back to the stock market in October 2017 as a pure consumer, high-value tire company specializing in the production of high...

Artificial Intelligence Explained.... with Cats and Dogs...
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Richard Bradley, Director, Digital Supply Networks, Deloitte

Artificial Intelligence is, at its heart, the discipline of building machines that think like humans-in particular the development and display of learning and problem solving capabilities. There are hundreds of articles out there that...

Impact of Machine Learning on Cybersecurity
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In this age of technology, computers are capable of performing tasks that only humans have been able to do. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the new age software technology that imitates human intelligence, and machine learning is one of its...

ML and AI in Security Threat Reduction
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Cybercrime is not only jeopardizing the technology circle; it also is disturbs every individuals life. The WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 stands a proof for the above statement. With the increase in the volume of personal and business...

Benefits of Merging AI with Blockchain
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Big Data giants are accumulating huge chunks of data currently, wherein consumer data is being collected into the data pool. Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are enabling the big players to take control of the situation, owing to their...

Architecting a Successful Supply Chain Transformation
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Jim Hourigan, Chief Supply Chain Officer, BuildDirect

Don’t Just Deliver a Package—Deliver an Experience It’s no secret that operational planning is fundamental to running any business efficiently and effectively. What’s not so commonly considered, however, is the integral...

The Need for a Risk-free Artificial Intelligence
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Jeb Linton, Chief Security Architect and Head of Cognitive Security, IBM

AI Security Today There has been much discussion in recent years of the dangers of future Artificial Intelligence (AI), from such luminaries as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Organizations such as MIRI and FLI are doing important work on future...

AI is the New UI-AI + UX + DesignOps
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Amit Bahree, Executive, Global Technology and Innovation, Avanade

Today you cannot read any technology or business article without some discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether explicit or implicit. We see AI integrating deeper in all elements of our life–be it at home with our families, or...

Artificial Intelligence-Journey towards the Center of the Enterprise
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Raman Mehta, SVP & CIO, Fabrinet [NYSE: FN]

Marc Andreessen had famously said software is eating the world. He probably had Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the back of his mind. In its simplistic form, AI enables a machine to perform human-like tasks, such as image, voice and text...

Artificial Intelligence and its Customer Value
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Chitralekha Das, AI Enthusiast, Senior Program/Project manager, Intralinks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a natural extension of human intelligence. While AI has been around for a while, it has become so ubiquitous that it touches every one of us in some shape or form. There are numerous resources that capture how AI...

Unlocking the Power of DoD's Information
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Terry Halvorsen, CIO, United States Department of Defense

Walking around the Pentagon, I see an enduring and complex building filled with busy halls and numerous entrances enable efficient access for those who work and visit to come and go as necessary. As headquarters of the Department of Defense (DoD),...

Creating a Culture for IT Innovation
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Steve Rice, CIO, Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

November 19th marked the 15-year anniversary of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the first agency charged with securing the Nation’s transportation systems from terrorist attacks. Today TSA operates in more than 450 airports...

TEHTRIS: Holistic Cybersecurity with Enhanced Endpoint Protection
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Laurent Oudot, Co-CEO and CTO

TEHTRIS is a France-based cybersecurity solution provider which is specialized in cutting-edge IT security technologies. The company provides resources required to counter the present threats faced by businesses by understanding the methods and...

ReaQta: Artificial Intelligence-Powered Threat Response
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Alberto Pelliccione, CEO

ReaQta is a leading cybersecurity solutions company that provides a highly intelligent, AI-powered endpoint threat response solution to organizations of all sizes to monitor and remediate online threats. Their endpoint threat response platform is...