The Transformation of Aviation Industry with AI
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AI has started to reshape the future of airline industry. Improvement has been done in the areas of flight maintenance, passenger identification, crew management, and they all have one centre objective- improving customer experience....

Major Security Lapse at Nasa: Inquiry Confirms High-end Hack Last Year
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A federal probe into the April 2018 high-end security breach on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has revealed shocking details which will certainly trigger enormous changes in the existing security measures at NASA. Fremont, CA: NASA, the...

The New Era of Unmanned Aircrafts: Drones
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Chris Proudlove, SVP, Global Aerospace

As we enter 2018, the drone operating industry is settling into three categories, each trying to make their way through a set of rules that, although permissive for line-of-sight operations, limits what many companies hope to achieve with the...

RAiDiAM: Thriving in the Connected Economy through Digital Identity
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Barry O’Donohoe, Co-Founder & Partner

Raidiam provides seamless and secure customer-centric Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that harness open data and the power of digital identity to attract and retain customers and unlock new value chains as part of a...

Cape: Remote Drone Control Platforms Realized
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Chris Rittler, CEO

Cape was founded in 2014 with a simple objective: to build software that unleashes the true potential of commercial drones. It achieved its dream through Cape Aerial Telepresence (CAT). CAT is an online cloud-based platform that allows remote...