The Growing Popularity of Cloud Based Access Control

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, October 06, 2021

The Growing Popularity of Cloud Based Access ControlCloud-based access control offers plenty of benefits to integrated security systems.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud-based services are housed on a network of remote servers connected via the internet, eliminating the need for a dedicated server specialist to maintain them. This also means that each location no longer needs a local server. A cloud-managed service provider is often offered as a SaaS model with a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly charge covers services such as 24-hour troubleshooting, network server monitoring and supervision, all-data cloud storage, information security and encryption updates, and system optimization such as performance tests and backup recovery.

As part of an integrated security system, a cloud-based system offers numerous advantages. Because of web-based administration platforms and open API architecture, running access control software in the cloud provides more flexibility. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions are a terrific space-saving choice for businesses that don't want to allocate space to a server room. Cloud-based solutions are also often easier and less expensive to operate, as the vendor that hosts the server handles much of the backend operations. Here are some of the advantages that cloud-based solutions offer:

Business scalability

When it comes to successfully scaling business operations, the cloud is an excellent tool. Admins can easily add new locations and doors to the network with a few clicks using a web-based management system. Multi-location businesses can use cloud access control to centralize their IT and security management teams, lowering administrative burden and costs.

Remote management

The capacity to make modifications remotely is one of the benefits of cloud systems. All sites are configured and maintained through a cloud-based dashboard that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere around the world. Some access control providers also offer remote unlock, allowing administrators to open doors for visitors without being there.


Cloud management is essential for future-proofing a security system, ensuring that the technology remains current. A thorough revamp is too costly, which is why many businesses struggle with old systems, and they also have a hard time keeping their IT team trained and updated on new technology. A cloud-managed service provider will install system upgrades automatically, ensuring that your networks and application stacks are always up to date.