Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in The Age of IoT

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, March 29, 2019

Cyber SecurityWith the spectacular rise in popularity of connected home systems to the massive magnitude of enterprise adoption, the Internet of Things (IoT) has disrupted industries, in more ways than one. But with the rising IoT popularity, new challenges are appearing in securing industrial environments. The incredible connectivity that comes with the IoT devices has made it an ideal candidate for malicious attackers who are seeking to squeeze information from a vast number of sources, all by taking over connected devices. While IoT has been a game-changer for enterprises in terms of improving productivity at the same time they are facing a monumental challenge in ensuring the confidentiality of their information.

It is unfortunate that most companies do not consider safe devices a priority because they reason that to be an extra expense. Also, the vast majority of the connected devices released in the market—deployed with little consideration for threat protection—is a primary reason for rising vulnerability. In simple terms, the manufacturers want to sell the product at a reduced price at the expense of its security and privacy.

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The security of the entire network is compromised with a threat at a particular point in the system. For that, organizations should put into place control measures that keep away unauthorized connections of external devices. Also, interconnected devices should adhere to the set security procedures to ensure comprehensive protection in the entire system.  The immense volumes of data also have put the system at risk as it provides significant entry points for attackers. To protect devices and systems against any unauthorized intrusion, companies are advised to hire professionals. Cyber Security professionals should be proactive and tailor innovative ways to counteract the hackers.

Security in the IoT extends beyond protecting devices. There still lacks standards for the protection of smart devices while the IoT deployment is developing at a very rapid rate. This risk point has been a crippling factor to manufacturers and has kept them from developing radical protection solutions since they are not sure if these solutions will meet future standards.

The future will continue to evolve towards a technologically-connected universe. For that, cybersecurity will have to reach a new level of innovation to battle complex, ominous threats.

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