NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.3 offers game-changer features for logging on macOS: Aggregate logs from Mac hosts into a single SIEM input stream

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, April 23, 2021

Budapest. NXLog Ltd, popular developer of multiplatform log collection suites, is pleased to announce another minor release in the new major version of NXLog Enterprise Edition, NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.3 (EE 5.3). The significance of this release is that it introduces a native collection methodcalled the im_maculs for Apple's Unified Logging System. With this module, NXLog helps organizations running macOS devices unify their logging policy - now they can collect logs using one, flawless tool across all of their devices.NXLog Enterprise Edition can filter, normalize, and aggregate logs from multiple Macs into a single SIEM input stream. It is by far the most configurable and versatile logging solution for macOS.

Features and benefits:

• Collect Apple System Log (ASL) logs

• Capture macOS events directly from the ULS logging facility

• File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

• Collect kernel log messages

• Highly configurable log filtering capabilities

• Log enrichment capabilities

• Aggregate logs from Mac hosts into a single SIEM input stream

With these features, as well as the expert support NXLog is known for,NXLogEnterprise Edition 5.3 will be an invaluable tool in the hands of any organization with networking needs to deal with security risks, auditing needs, furthering regulatory restrictions, and usage data analysis.

For more information and a free trial of a fully functional version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.3 and a list of its full capabilities and new features, please visit our website or our NXLog macOS logging page.