IoT is the Key to Smart Manufacturing

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT)The Internet of Things (IoT) connects previously isolated devices and gathers the data and using that information to make predictions and highlighting potential problems at the earliest stage. From these capabilities, one can comprehend that IoT genuinely has the potentials to bring transformation in the manufacturing domain.

Smart manufacturing enables the interconnectivity for machines, manufacturing software, and systems. It also provides big data, enhanced visibility and remote access to manufacturing assets. The rush towards adopting smart manufacturing has increased the security gaps which have become easy targets for hackers. Manufacturing companies are striving hard to achieve the goal of increased production efficiency, reduced waste and downtime, enhanced scheduling and also inventory management from IoT connectivity. Hence, the manufacturing industry is among the top buyers of IoT devices.


The cyber attackers are always preying on the customers’ data, intellectual property, banking information and control of machines and robots. These malicious actors routinely sell such proprietary data to the victim’s competitor or the foreign government. It is rare that a manufacturer has all new devices with the standard secure communication protocol that is easily manageable.

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The workforce may be highly skilled, but training the employees should be a must factor. Manufacturers need to understand the importance of the latest security updates, as without it the network will remain vulnerable to cyber attacks.

As data security is paramount for connected devices, there’s no harm if manufacturers consider a cyber-security insurance policy. Organizations that leverage IoT adoption must also plan for the adversities beforehand. With the growing vulnerable entrance points, it has become crucial to protect the data.

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