How Security Analytics Changes the Game

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, October 16, 2020

Security analytics helps enterprises automate threat hunting, providing an extra set of eyes for their threat hunting efforts. 

FREMONT, CA: The greatest threat to enterprises is the constant development of new malware and hacking techniques. No business can practically defend against all threats at once, but security analytics is designed to combat these issues. Security analytics provides enterprises with a tool that helps them transition away from the stagnant prevention cybersecurity model. Enterprises can embrace this as it offers necessary unified visibility on enterprise, both real-time and historic. But what exactly can security analytics offer to a business? Here is a deeper dive into the security analytics use cases and their capabilities.

Top 10 Security Analytics Solution Companies - 2019• User Behavior Analysis

The users interact with the enterprise’s IT infrastructure all of the time, and their behaviors decide the success or failure of cybersecurity. Therefore, the security analytics need to monitor employees for unusual behaviors that can notify an insider threat or a compromised account. User behavior analysis follows behaviors across time. It can correlate malicious activities by searching for suspicious patterns. Indeed, user behavior analysis offers visibility into the IT environment, compiling user activities from several datasets into complete profiles.  

• Network Traffic Analysis

Network traffic continually moves in and out all the time, often through communications. Due to its high volume, it is difficult to maintain transactional visibility over all the network traffic. Security analytics allows for the analysis of the enterprise network traffic, and it can establish baselines and identify anomalies. This can also work in tandem with cloud security monitoring to analyze the traffic of cloud infrastructure. It can also illuminate dark spaces hidden and analyze encrypted sensitive data, ensuring it stays in proper channels.  

• Insider Threat Detection

Insider threats can cause danger to the enterprise as external threat actors do. A neglectful or actively malicious user can do great damage. In certain cases, an insider threat can even damage a network. Through security analytics, businesses can anticipate insider threats through behaviors like abnormal login times, unauthorized database access requests, and unusual email usage. Besides, it can look for the indicators of data theft behaviors and offer visibility into third-party actors.

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