Embracing Technology: Top Technology Trends that are a Must to Integrate

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, April 01, 2019

Vulnerability ManagementTechnology is making advance at a rapid pace as new ideas are emerging. It is quite evident that these technological changes will continue to rise and will have an impact on everyday life whether its home or at work. Last year demonstrated that business and customers wouldn’t get most out of technology unless they feel it’s secure, safe, and efficient. Let’s have a look at how organizations are maximizing their efficiency in a secure environment.

1. AI and Machine Learning: AI and Machine Learning have increasingly assisted organizations in making decisions using the large volumes of datasets that otherwise were difficult to make sense of. Initially, AI was seen as something that is too much expensive to invest in, but now organizations have realized that AI can be quickly deployed and that the technology will deliver substantive benefits.

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2. IT Operations: Multi-cloud deployments will be essential, particularly among large organizations. Managing and measuring the performance across a multi-cloud infrastructure will present more challenges and force companies for AI and ML adoption.

3. DevOps: DevOps have surpassed the buzzword stage and is now playing a vital role in business. As it is creating a culture of collaboration and communication, there will be a focus on the specialized skills in areas like cloud operations as IT pioneers can direct higher-value skills and resources more appropriately on real business goals.

4. Internet of Things: Internet of Things, when combined with ML, will dominate the business landscape as it will provide a competitive edge for businesses. This ripple effect includes a focus on cloud services and APIs that enable the rapid proliferation of new applications and data-gathering methodologies.

5. Security: Predicting the future of security is not possible, but from the rising connectivity one can infer that it would lead to higher vulnerability when it comes to safety; with new trends comes the new roles and opportunities. From content developers to engineers, these roles will focus on optimizing the security workflow and its tools.

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