Cybersecurity's New Dynamic Scenario

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, June 05, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Rogue hackers and cybercriminals are still out there, but nation-state actors and hacktivists move toward the business of cyber attacks with a much more expert mindset than seen in the past. When it comes to the legality of, say, an election―fear, doubt, and uncertainty―can be outcomes more valuable than cash. So, in the changing threat landscape, combating such teams can be a painstaking process.  For starters, the challenge of cybersecurity needs to be approached from a more offensive posture. It is not enough to deploy a defensive network of endpoint agents and anti-virus applications.

Countering With More Astuteness:

Superior insight into the types of threats arises from better threat intelligence. AI and Big Data tools have been flooding operators with information about threat anomalies, and IT professionals have become exhausted in trying to figure out which incongruities represent true terrorization.

Every organization needs greater perception into its own infrastructure, strategies, and processes as well as better tools for reacting proactively when genuine threats are identified. Going forward, finished intelligence is going to play a more important role in every association. But the lack of deep insight into the current state of dealings cannot facilitate the functionality of this intelligence. Even with the possession of the desired tools to implement a defensive update effectively, enterprises will fail in executing the update without prior knowledge of the infrastructure containing the devices or software.

Becoming More Upbeat:

Hacktivists, non-stage agents, and other sophisticated threat actors are becoming the new normal. Advanced and updated tradecraft regularly appear in the markets of the dark web, and enterprises need more sophisticated and intricate threat intelligence to stay ahead of this evolving landscape. Organizations also require the aptitude to transform that intelligence―immediately―into authentic and meaningful action. There will always be attacks springing from cyberspace that can do damage, but with enhanced intelligence and tools designed to transform intelligence into a stronger protective posture, companies can be very well prepared when those attacks arrive.

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