Cloud-Integrated DevOps: An Innovative Approach for Software Delivery

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 11, 2019

Technology trends are on a constant upward trend as enterprises are always looking to make their services and applications innovative and efficient. Almost all the technology companies have incorporated DevOps technique for software or application development. DevOps service providers are always on a lookout for ideas to provide innovative services to its clients. The recent development in DevOps technique is its integration with the cloud. Here are a few benefits of cloud-integrated DevOps services:

Automation: Automating a business process can drastically reduce the work hours of developers and operators as DevOps can create a bug report, generate script, perform calculations and test code. Cloud-integrated DevOps can add innovation, accuracy, and consistency in automation processes of test codes, bug reports, and bug generation.

Scalability: one of the best features of the cloud is its scalability feature. It allows enterprises to expand or reduce their resources according to the business requirement. Cloud also facilitates resources easily to fulfill a business requirement. It allows the enterprises to monitor and handle, traffic spikes and downtime without any manual intervention.

Collaboration: DevOps processes have helped to streamline the software development process. It has also contributed to enhance the communication between development teams and operation team. Cloud services can accelerate this process by unifying automation and enhanced operations.

Increased quality and performance: cloud-integrated DevOps technique provides the developers and operators with automated testing, continuous delivery, and better working infrastructure, that enables them to provide a quality product. The entire process in a software development life cycle is knitted together to facilitate a smooth DevOps process.

Security: cloud services are known for its excellent security feature. It facilitates easy deployment and updates, which makes it easier to track changes in the code ensuring that the security measures are running smoothly.

There are many cloud service providers like Amazon's AWS who provide monitoring tools to track every cloud resource. These tools also enable DevOps professionals to use third party tools for monitoring. Cloud services enhance the DevOps tools which allow the enterprises to deliver with great speed and quality.

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