Central Information security services for network and web applications

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Tuesday, March 08, 2022

FREMONT, CA: For any organization, it is crucial to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of company information. With the advancement of technology, organizations use various web applications to access, share and secure their data. Any breach in the web applications can result in the destruction of the business and therefore it is crucial to test the security posture of web applications before leaving them prone to cyber attacks. The cyber attacks can result in data breaches, information theft, damaged reputations and lawsuits. To avoid these situations, the organizations must rely on application security industries to find vulnerabilities in their applications. Central infosec is one such cyber security initiative which supports enterprises in safeguarding their data from cyber attacks.

Information security, often referred to as Infosec is designed to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction and inspection. Central Infosec practises various security tests such as penetration test, offensive and defensive security test, vulnerability scanning, phishing campaigns, red teaming and collaborative assessments to secure the web applications from any sort of cyber attacks. Their goal is to help enterprises  to raise their security posture by identifying weaknesses and gaps in web applications while providing valuable recommendations and collaborative support.

Central Infosec experts imitates attacks which the cyber attackers use, to see if the active attacks can be identified. They use penetration tests which allow them to perform real world security assessments using advanced hacking methods to help identify weaknesses of the application and improve its security posture. CFT (Capture the Flag) and scoreboard created by Central Infosec helps to track the progress of the applications and challenge others and create teams to learn from each other. They also offer customized security training to help organizations to become proactive to threats. The Central Infosec team consists of skilled professionals bringing years of penetration testing and exploitation experience from Fortune 100 companies and leading cybersecurity companies. They also have industry leading professional security certifications, including OSCP, OSWP, GPEN, and more.

Subcontracting IT security projects to Central Infosec can reduce overhead cost and helps to focus on what can be done for the best running of the enterprises. They provide the best solutions and security services. Their goal is to provide  experiences that are unique to the needs of the enterprises. No matter the budget, they pride themselves on providing talented security services that meet the time, budget, scope and quality requirements of the enterprises. “Every organization, at a minimum, should receive both network penetration testing and web application penetration testing, and cost should never be the reason that quality testing is not performed” says James Morris, the founder and principal consultant at Central Infosec.

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