Can the Evolving Security Tech Strengthen Businesses?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Security TechThe possibilities of criminal invasions are much higher when it comes to small and mid-size companies, but fortunately, they have given it a tough fight.

FREMONT, CA: In the rapidly evolving world, as soon as the cybersecurity experts introduce any bold new solution to prevent the consumer data from getting exposed, hackers, on the other hand, come up with similar bold responses. Companies can make use of a few emerging technologies that can help in defense of the cybersecurity wars.

Hardware Verification:

The usernames and passwords are indeed prone to be falsified, but some companies have taken sufficient steps by making authentication a significant feature of a user’s hardware. With the latest generation processor, they can add hardware-improved features that can authenticate the identity of a user. It is built on their efforts to bring out an actual security device as a part of the three-part authentication method. 

User Behavior Analytics (UBA):

Rather than depending on the authentication through a username and password, companies should include multiple layers of technologies that can help in knowing the online behavior of the user. User behavior analytics (UBA) helps in identifying behavior that appears to be far from ordinary. Any abnormal behavior on the platform instantly triggers a red flag to the system defenders, promoting them about the disturbance. Along with it, the tech can additionally perform peer analysis, which brings together details regarding the individual users as well as peers from a single department for activity comparison. It can also send alerts to the manager about the employee needs with additional security training.

Data Loss Prevention:

Whenever there is a breach, companies can apply certain safeguards to reduce the damages, such as:

• Keeping attackers away from monetizing data.

• Guarding data in an encrypted form, such as in an extended business enterprise.

• Defending data down to a field along with a subfield level.

Deep Learning:

Deep learning helps in tracking the strange activities of the entire part of the entity over an individual user. Machine learning (ML) has the potential to recognize as well as react to threats as soon as they occur, ending up dramatically improving the cybersecurity in business. Besides, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lends a hand in taking care of the repetitive computing or business protocols, including incident recognition and response.

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