5 Reasons Organizations Must Consider Email Security

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, October 04, 2021

5 Reasons Organizations Must Consider Email SecurityAs emails are a big part of the corporate communication process, email security becomes crucial.

FREMONT, CA: For many companies and individuals, email was their first introduction to the Internet. When businesses first considered connecting to the Internet, email was one of the first things that came to mind. The capacity to deliver communications rapidly became a crucial advantage, propelling email to the forefront of business communication. As a result, it was necessary to verify that email messages were safe and not used to spread viruses. Since then, communication technology has advanced significantly. Emails are still a crucial part of the communication process for most companies.

Here are some reasons why organizations must consider email security:

Email is a formal yet personal form of communication

Email is a vital business communication tool and medium. It's more personal and quicker than collaborative project management solutions, but it's more formal than live chat or social network messaging. Attackers know that they will obtain the desired response by utilising email instead of other less extensively used contact methods.

Manually operated

Email is managed remotely and saved in the cloud, but it is still operated manually by end-users. Humans are primarily responsible for reading messages, responding, downloading attachments, and clicking links. Spam filters and antimalware software can filter out a significant amount of unwanted emails. Despite this, some get through the defenses. When this happens, the human factor opens up opportunities for human error and social engineering manipulation.

A valuable source for information exchange

Organizations may quickly and efficiently transmit a wide range of information through email, from video call invitations to bank account information to strategy documents and sales contracts. Diverse threats can be relayed undetected thanks to the versatility and simplicity of the system. Furthermore, email servers are a significant repository of company and personal data.

First choice for attack and defence

If cybercriminals consider breaching a company's cyber defences, an email will most likely be their first choice of weapon. Any other cyber protections put in place will be rendered ineffective if you don't use the right tools and procedures for email security. Email security must be viewed as a crucial pillar in a system of interconnected security measures.


Email is the most common way for ransomware to spread. Many businesses have been forced to pay the ransom after losing access to crucial systems and data. Downtime, a loss of client faith, data loss, financial loss, and a tarnished brand are all consequences of such attacks. As a result, any attempt to avoid such attacks must emphasize the importance of email security.