3 Ways IoT is Changing The Gaming Industry

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, September 13, 2021

IoT is changing the gaming industry by creating more adaptive and realistic games.

Fremont, CA: The gaming industry has changed drastically in recent years.  It has adapted to more advanced technology and comprehensive gadgets as they have become available to create more adaptive and realistic games. It is evident how the dynamics and approach to creating new games is changing. The internet of things (IoT) has played a significant role in this transition. Virtual reality, augmented reality, enhanced graphics, and animations, combined with a high level of connectivity, have propelled the gaming industry to new heights.

Talking about the gaming industry, the devices and features that are used are very different. The devices used in gaming are designed for a specific type of game; for example, there are sensor-based devices combined with wearable gadgets that allow the character in the game to move in the same way that the player moves in real life in some games. Wireless remotes are available, as are gaming weapons such as guns and swords that are outfitted with sensors to update real-time movement and impact the player's experience in the game.

Here is how IoT is changing the gaming industry in three ways:

Better usage of mobile phones

Mobile phones now have technology that makes accessing and playing games via the phone's sensors, cameras, microphones, and speakers much easier and more convenient. Because it is not as expensive as gaming consoles, PSPs, or Xboxes, anyone can afford to use it to play games. The gaming industry has increased the importance of smartphones by utilizing such IoT features. The gaming industry finds a large market in smartphone-based customers; there are mobile-friendly games specifically being developed by various developers who understand that smartphone connectivity can provide the best possible gaming experience in this age of the internet of things.

Community friendly games

These days, developers are creating more community-friendly games focused on an entire community, and such games target a specific age group of people, claiming that this game is made for those people. Understanding this concern, games are being developed in multiplayer mode with the capability of connecting and interacting with other fellow devices of friends or family to play the game together. Such community-friendly games spread rapidly because those who play and enjoy them are more likely to inform people about the game and invite their friends and family to play it.

Gamifying many non-gaming activities

The primary benefit of moving games to IoT is that they are no longer just games for fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Games have evolved to serve various functions such as education, health, and even multiple types of training. Parts and aspects of a person's life that were not previously as convenient and enjoyable as gaming has been made to be so.

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