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Mirza Kamaludeen, Ph.D., P. Eng, CISSP, (Principal), iG2 GroupMirza Kamaludeen, Ph.D., P. Eng, CISSP, (Principal)
As the digital transformation unfolds and cyber-attacks continue to make headlines, many enterprises are attempting to improve their secure posture, with limited success. The frequencies and impact of cyberattacks continue to increase. Enterprise organizations are losing the battle largely because of the complexity of implementing modern security solutions in their legacy security architecture, tools, and practices.

Assistance comes from iG2 Group, a Canadian cybersecurity company that specializes in improving organizations cyber security reliance, by overcoming the crippling challenges of complexity, legacy solutions, and skillset shortage. iG2 helps organizations architect, build, and operate a cyber resilient system, protecting their identities, data, devices, application, and behaviours.

Its Cybersecurity rails framework is designed to improve cyber security posture by upgrading organizations capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to a cyber threat at machine speed. To achieve this, iG2 leverages advancement in endpoint and identity protection, machine learning (ML) and machine response (MR). Their strength comes from the team’s experience, expertise and scientific insights rooted in extensive research and investigation.

“Enterprise is like snow fakes, they are all different, this we recognize. Our solutions are effective because they are the right-sized to address relevant security risk, simple, and agile. Our relentless focus on simplicity, technical acuity and automation are really meant to encourage mass adoption. The gap is too wide. I see modern cyber threats as existential since they threaten the very system, which continues to improve the lives of billions around the world, from healthcare and education to social service and entertainment,” says Dr. Mirza Kamaludeen, Principal of iG2 Group.

iG2 offers innovative cyber security solutions, in a complete design, implement, transform, and operate package. They span the entire domain from endpoint protection, network, cloud, identity security, and operations. The primary focus of modern technologies like Privileged Access management (PAM), End Point Detection and Response (EDR), continuous vulnerability manager (VM), Secure Service Access Edge (SASE), eXtended Detection and Response (XDR), Encryption, Blockchain, Advance Security Incident and Event manager (ASIEM),
Service Orchestration and Response (SOAR) is to minimize threat exposure and attack impact, enabling security to be affordable, future-proof, and sustainable.

Most of iG2 team are engineers and it’s not surprising that we adopt the engineering bow-tie model for Cyber protection. The bow tie philosophy suggests strengthening of all aspects of the ecosystem, from identity and privilege management to security visibility, analysis, and response. However, if it fails, then the organization must have safeguards in place to manage the slide and minimize the impact. This is rooted within iG2 Cyber Guardrails framework.

Our immediate challenge is to counter the increased sophistication and voracity of cyber-attacks, where we see an increase presence of bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in attacker’s innovation. We believe Human-AI augmented response with the tools available today can overcome these challenges.

We are improving the organization's security posture through cyber hygiene, threat visibility, analysis, and automated response, leveraging modern tools with hyper automation

iG2 approaches the challenge with a partnership with stakeholders, then starting with an understanding of the organization threat landscape and cyber security risk, the team develops a road map to a self-healing cyber security system. Armed with an understanding of the deficiencies, the team first establishes a base line with ten key Cyber Hygiene functions. In most cases this often requires updated configuration, operations practices and limited re-tooling. Then the team moves to achieving security visibility, threat insight with tooling to respond to threats. They leverage low-code tooling to simplify an organization’s response pipeline, the automation to response workflow and make it more sustainable.

This approach is again being deployed in one of their large enterprise clients in the education sector. They were able to shift the enterprise from limited protection and manual response to a state-of-art threat hunting and analysis along with more than 80 percent automated responses i.e., block IP address, filter malware or stop privilege escalation with 24 X 7 availability at machine speed. This threat management solution not only extended hours of operation, but it also reduced false possible, alert fatigue and cost.

Five years down the line, iG2’s vision of enterprise security looks much more streamlined and user-friendly, with less complexity. This will come from AI driven automation along with a new culture of secure coding, secure system design, and build. It hopes that someday cybersecurity will be a thing of the past. While that might seem like wishful thinking, iG2 strives to make it a reality, since they believe the continuum of modern civilization depends on it.
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iG2 Group

iG2 Group

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mirza Kamaludeen, Ph.D., P. Eng, CISSP, (Principal)

iG2 Group is a Canadian Cybersecurity Company that provides enterprise with modern cyber solutions by leveraging leading edge technologies, industry best practice, and experience. Their goal is to establish cyber resilience in all aspects of an organization’s digital ecosystem. The iG2 team are mostly engineers, 85 percent of whom have graduate degrees and security industry certification.